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More than 80% of premature coatings failures are due to poor Surface Preparation. This is not always due to a poor blast profile or contaminated media. There are invisible elements that can hide on the substrates that can and will damage the integrity of coating-systems adhesion. Soluble Salts (Chlorides), Sulphates, Nitrates, and Hydrocarbons (oil residue) can be difficult to detect and are often overlooked as a critical step in surface cleanliness process.

We understand and enforce rigorous surface cleanliness standards during the surface-preparation sequence of a project. We utilize the latest contaminants-detection equipment and methods to determine if the surface is truly clean and ready for blasting or mechanical preparation.

Graham Industrial Coatings offers a wide range of surface preparation systems and solutions to prepare any surface that holds paint, with varying work methods to support your specific needs. With the help of excellent resources from NACE and SSPC, we keep our craft workers trained and certified with the latest standards, methods, and safe-work systems.

Our love for Alaska and its pristine Environment informs our means and methods as we strive to use clean technology, and protect our wildlife, land, and water from fugitive contamination.

Systems We Use:

  • Water-Jetting to 40,000 psi - Closed and Open Loop
  • Open Vapor Blasting
  • Closed-Loop Shot-Blasting
  • Closed-Loop Vacuum Blasting
  • Open-Loop Low-Pressure Plastic Media Blasting
  • Lead-Encapsulant Blasting
  • Conventional Open Dry Blasting
  • Blast-Recovery Systems
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