Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Graham Industrial Coatings Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

At Graham Industrial Coatings, we take pride in adhering to the best in industry practices, both in terms of results and effectiveness, in order to ensure the safety and health of our employees, contractors, suppliers, community and customers. Our HSE Management System is integral in assisting Graham Industrial Coatings in the following ways:

  • Commits us to our Mission.
  • Demands a healthy and constructive relationship with our stakeholders in our community.
  • Our responsibilities toward the safety and health of our employees demand that we implement and maintain the corporate HSE expectations, as the key requirements of our processes.
  • Holds us accountable collectively for our HSE performance versus our expectations.

HSE Policy

Policy: Our Policy on HSE is this Commitment and the following of this is an integral part of our overall business policy. Our HSE Commitment must be read in conjunction with our HSE Vision and Mission.  At Graham Industrial Coatings, our businesses is conducted according to industry best practices, both in terms of results and effectiveness, to ensure the safety and health of our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and the community. We also strive to ensure the protection of the environment. As we do this, we aim to reduce the overall environmental cost of our operation and conserve resources for future generations.

Management systems: G.I.C. maintains and continuously improves a comprehensive HSE Management System which is a systematic and fully documented approach to managing health, safety and the protection of the environment. G.I.C. manages HSE as a critical business activity, sets targets for improvement and measures, appraises and reports performance. Our goals drive us to the highest standards of excellence. The G.I.C. HSE Management System Elements are the minimum requirements essential to successfully manage hazards in health, safety and environment. All G.I.C. personnel, contractors and visitors must follow these HSE systems. A cyclic, inter-related system of steps ensures continuous improvement in the G.I.C. HSE Management System supported by visibly better performance. G.I.C. carries out internal audits of its HSE Systems in action, to measure performance, to challenge and enable change, to innovate and improve our performance in line with industry accepted best practices.

Employee involvement: Leadership accountability for performance is fundamental to our HSE system. Management at all levels must demonstrate and encourage commitment to HSE to create and sustain an interdependent company HSE culture where HSE is the responsibility of all employees. We inform employees through ongoing dialogue about all aspects of operations that could materially affect them, our HSE performance and progress to our goals. We trust, respect and support each other, promoting teamwork to successfully achieve our objectives. We foster a motivating workplace for all our employees through appropriate training, accountability, empowerment and fair treatment.

Resource conservation: G.I.C. is committed to HSE Performance as a critical priority. G.I.C. actively seeks to be recognized statewide in our achievement of health, safety and environmental performance. Our main themes of activity are:

  • Consistent reduction of injuries and illnesses

We believe that injuries, incidents of all types and occupational illnesses must be prevented. Our goals are to achieve zero injuries, illnesses and impacts on the environment. We believe that off-the-job safety is a critical indicator of safety behavior and should be managed.

  • Consistent reduction of toxic emissions

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of environmental aspects. We use this inventory to drive our priorities to reduce emissions to zero, selecting those that have the greatest risk to health or the environment for precedence. Our preferred process is to solve environmental issues at source. When necessary we use appropriate treatment and/or recycling to consistently reduce and/or mitigate discharges. We dispose of unavoidable waste safely and responsibly.

  • Conservation of natural resources and habitat

We continuously demonstrate our respect for the natural environment and work to protect it. We reduce the use of fuel and all raw materials to conserve natural resources and impact on the atmosphere. We consider our sites to be a part of the natural heritage and seek to enhance them as sanctuaries for biodiversity and wildlife.

Product and Distribution Management: We use every opportunity to continuously improve our processes and products. We work with our suppliers and customers through communication and relationship building to ensure that the total hazard is reduced and the impact of our products, the product value chain and life cycle is continuously improved and in line with best practice. Each new product and process is assessed for its total hazard and impact and acceptability to the environment and community.

Stakeholder Engagement: We provide discussion opportunities for our stakeholders to better understand, contribute to and guide our effort. We act as a responsible member of society and take a positive interest in fostering constructive relations with the communities in which we operate. We are honest and fair in all our dealings and we demonstrate the highest standard of ethics in conducting all internal and external business. We are transparent in communication with others and ourselves.

Process Safety: Management of hazards is the foundation of the HSE MS Elements and is a continuous process. We reduce the total hazard of our operation by implementing the recommendations of our investigations and studies. All new processes are designed to increase safety margins and achieve inherent process safety management. Emergency response plans must be maintained and practiced to protect workers, customers, public and the environment in the event of an incident. We manage the security of our sites to support the goals of our HSE Management System. Our reputation is vital to our business success and is supported by this Commitment. Past, present and future: We correct the results of historical practices that have adverse impacts on the environment.

Legislators and Regulators: We comply with all applicable industry standards and governmental regulations. We work to build relationships with the authorities of the communities in which we live to develop ever better policies aimed at improving safety, health and the environment.