Scaffold Support Services

Ahtna Fuels POL Storage Tank Repair

Service(s) Used:

Sandblasting, Scaffold Support Services, Protective Coatings & Linings

One of our largest projects in 2017, and in preparation for the F-35's to arrive at Eielson AFB, we installed a new Fuel Resistant Mil-Spec Liner on the interior of a 4 million gallon Jet-A Fuel tank.

Allison Creek Hydro Electric

Service(s) Used:

Polyurea Coatings-Linings & Urethane Insulation, Sandblasting, Equipment Rental, Scaffold Support Services

We lived inside a 36” Pipeline, Hanging from an Elevator Winch on a Custom-Built Trolley.  We concluded the project with zero incidents and injuries, as well as on-time and on-budget.  The methods we pioneered for interior access,...

PetroStar North Pole Refinery - Naptha Splitter

Service(s) Used:

Protective Coatings & Linings, Fireproofing, Scaffold Support Services

This was our largest fireproofing job of 2016 performed in North Pole, Alaska. We installed an International Interkote 1560, and Pyrocrete 241 system on the steel components both pre and post-erection.

Cordova Upper Tank Farm

Service(s) Used:

QA/QC Support Services, Scaffold Support Services, Lead Abatement & Encapsulation, Floor Coatings, Protective Coatings & Linings, Sandblasting

This lead-abatement and fuel tanks coating/lining project took place in one of the most beautiful and challenging places in Alaska. The project was complex in that it was remote, sat on top of a rock outcropping overlooking Orca Inlet.

Shop and Marine Painting

Service(s) Used:

Lead Abatement & Encapsulation, Scaffold Support Services, QA/QC Support Services, Shop Painting & Restoration, Sandblasting, Polyurea Coatings-Linings & Urethane Insulation, Floor Coatings, Protective Coatings & Linings

Shop Blasting, Painting and Restoration of Heavy Equipment, Structural Steel, Piping, Boats, and any other equipment or structure that will fit in our 50’ x 170’ Blast & Paint Booth

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